Because of the decline in demand for personal computers, Dell plans to lay-offs approximately 6,650 employees. The Tech lay-offs are expected to affect about 5% of the company’s global workforce.

The company faced difficult market conditions and an uncertain future, and previous cost-cutting measures were no longer sufficient, wrote a co-chief operating officer of Dell Jeff Clarke in a memo.

After the pandemic hit, Dell, based in Round Rock, Texas, announced similar tech lay-offs in 2020.

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According to a company representative, the recent department reorganizations and job cuts were an opportunity to drive efficiency. He said “We continuously evaluate operations to ensure the right structure is in place to provide the best value and support to partners and customers.

“This is part of our regular course of business,” a Dell spokesperson.

Layoffs in the United States reached a more than two-year high in January, according to a report released on Thursday, as technology firms cut jobs at the second-fastest rate on record to prepare for a possible recession.

Image Credit: Dell


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