Klaus, the AI-powered customer support platform, has raised a €12 million Series A round of equity funding led by Acton Capital. Former investors Icebreaker, Creandum, and Global Founders Capital joined the round.

Founded in 2018, Klaus has gained traction with hundreds of international business clients, including well-known brands like Glovo, SoundCloud, and Epic Games. Klaus will sharpen his focus on the product and technical teams as a result of the new round of funding, which will also result in fresh growth in sales and marketing.

95% of consumers agree that brand loyalty depends on customer service, and more than 60% admit to moving to a competing brand as a result of subpar treatment, according to recent research commissioned by Microsoft. The effects of bad service on a company can be catastrophic because client ratings are becoming more and more crucial for sales.

Over a million conversations are routinely handled by 2,000 people or more in large companies with omnichannel contact centers. The vast majority of client contacts are a black hole due to the sheer volume, making it practically hard to get a true overview. It takes a lot of time to review even 1% of all interactions using manual review techniques.

The analysis and complete coverage of client contacts are made possible by Klaus’ AI-powered review automation technology. It produces valuable insights that may be depended upon to help huge, expanding enterprises that struggle to sustain consistent service quality with radical service enhancements.

Currently, Klaus analyses more than two million chats per day from its predominantly enterprise-size clients. This information is dissected into searchable, trackable chunks, with pertinent highlights brought to your attention right away before they turn into issues.

A cloud-based SaaS model powers Klaus’ highly flexible, industry-neutral user interface. The cornerstone of Klaus’ offering has always been “feedback scorecards” that grade and monitor conversation quality.

Customer satisfaction survey (CSAT) skills have recently been improved, and they are significantly increasing engagement and useful intelligence through the usage of their algorithms. Klaus can now provide a genuinely comprehensive perspective of the level of customer service thanks to AI-boosted CSAT, which improves visibility into external input in addition to the internal feedback supplied by their main product.

Klaus’ co-founder and CEO, Martin Kiva, said: “With the Series A funding, we are now able to scale our growth to the next level. To do this, we are expanding our team of data science aces with PhDs and the top sales and marketing skills. We are thrilled that we have the resources to discover the best employees as we want to nearly quadruple our staff in the upcoming six months.

“We started with a simple premise that amazing conversations can turn customer service into a fundamental revenue engine,” stated Kair Käsper, co-founder and CRO of Klaus. We have already witnessed directly how hundreds of Klaus’ clients have significantly increased CSAT scores and decreased first contact resolution times, leading to greater referral rates and more return business.

All of the most well-liked contact center platforms, including Zendesk, Salesforce, and Intercom, are integrated with the program. It gathers every text and audio customer encounter takes into account dozens of potentially problematic factors and identifies all the interactions that stand out and require further investigation.

These conversations could be lengthier than normal, have a critical tone, or feature a patient customer. Even for the largest customer contact operations, managers can provide helpful guidance to their employees since Klaus evaluates the full data set rather than random abnormalities that might not be indicative of a trend.

Acton Capital’s Julius Lühr, the main investor in this current series A round, said: “A devoted client base sets the top companies apart in every market, especially in times of escalating customer acquisition expenses across the board.

Klaus has created the ideal solution to assist businesses in implementing strategic customer support as a key differentiator and stopping flying blind. The stunning yet incredibly potent product created by Klaus, who is from Estonia, is genetically related to the major success tales of the area.

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