HealthCare Startup Nolea Health
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UK’s HealthCare startup Nolea Health snaps a fresh investment of $1 million

Nolea Health, a London-based HealthCare startup, has come out of hiding today thanks to a fresh $1 million investment. The

UK-based FinTech startup - Acre
Asia Startups

UK-based FinTech startup, Acre just raised €7.3M for its real estate-buying platform

Acre, a UK-based FinTech startup, recently raised €7.3M for its tech platform that is revolutionizing the real estate purchasing process.

Female Intimate Care Brand Luna Daily
Europe Startups

London’s Female Intimate Care Brand, Luna Daily raises €3.3M to expand its marketplaces

Female Intimate Care is still taboo, but Luna Daily, a FemTech Intimate Care Brand wants to change that. The UK-based

Community-driven Platform - Patch
Europe Startups

Patch raises €3.4 million for its Community-driven platform

Patch, a UK-based business, is on a mission to revitalize high streets by fusing innovative work and lifestyles with its

AI Contract Creation startup Legislate
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Legislate snaps $3.6M for simplification of its AI-based contract creation solution

UK-based Legislate raises $3.6 million in a funding round for the simplification of its AI contract creation solution. The round

Visa Credit Card - Payhawk's Founders
Europe Startups

Payhawk launched an emergency Visa Credit Card as part of its Spend Management Platform

The spend management platform Payhawk, based in London has launched a new emergency Visa Credit Card for companies that have

Lending Platform - Abound Founders
Europe Startups

UK-based, Abound, a personal lending platform secured over £500M

Abound, x Fintern a personal lending platform based in London that makes accurate and affordable loans using AI and Open

Carbon Emission Startup - ViridiCO2 Founders
Europe Startups

ViridiCO2 secured over €3.3M for its technology for Carbon Emission

ViridiCO2, a startup working on Carbon Emission has recently raised more than €3.3M for its technology that turns waste carbon

BioTech Startup - MultiplAI Health
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UK’s BioTech startup MultiplAI Health picks $2.7 million

UK-based BioTech diagnostics startup MultiplAI Health has secured $2.7 million in a seed investment round. With nearly a 1/3rd of all

SaaS Startup - Cordless Founders
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SaaS startup Cordless brings more than $2.3M for its AI-based telephony platform

The SaaS company Cordless has raised more than $2.3 million for its telephony platform, which uses AI to improve client