Cybersecurity Startup - Sesame It
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Cybersecurity Startup, Sesame It raises €10M in a financing round for the cyber-defense strategy

Sesame It, a cybersecurity startup based in Paris, has secured €10 million in financing from several investors, including Banque Postale,

French Startup Inarix
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Crop analysis platform developed by French startup Inarix secures €3.1 million

Inarix, a French startup, is working to improve how producers assess the worth and quality of their crops to improve

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Paris-based wellness startup Oneleaf snaps $5.1 million in funding for its self-help app

Oneleaf, a wellness startup with a self-help app and headquarters in Paris, has raised $5.1 million in funding. Along with

Welinq Team
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Paris-based Welinq picks €5 million in funding to scale up quantum internet

Welinq, a startup with headquarters in Paris that uses quantum memory technology to scale up quantum computing and enable the

October Founders
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Paris-based October, the lending platform has raised €35 million

Paris-based October, an online marketplace that assists investors in lending money directly to SMEs, revealed that it had raised €35

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French Miraxess snaps €2.5 million in series A round aims to revolutionize smartphone use

France-based Miraxess announced a series A financing of €2.5 million. Miraxess aims to improve its growing line of consumer electronics,

Volta Medical Team
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French MedTech Volta Medical picks €36 million in a Series B funding round

Marseille-based Volta Medical has just brought in €36 million in a new investment round. The French start-up creates AI-based software

Ganymed Robotics Team
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Paris-based, Ganymed Robotics picks €15 million in an expanded Series B round of funding

Paris-based Ganymed Robotics has received €15M in an expanded Series B round of funding. Ganymed Robotics is a developer of robotics

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France-based location intelligence startup, MyTraffic grabs €30 million

MyTraffic, a French location intelligence business, has received €30 million in Series B funding in a round led by Paris-based